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Central to the enabling of computational modelling is a comprehensive Knowledge Commons: the freely available resource of all knowledge from the Life Sciences that can be used for pathway assembly and computer simulations. A substantial part of this concerns the Gene Regulation Knowledge Commons targeted by GRECO.

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Research on the cell's function in normal and diseased states has produced large amounts of knowledge. Modelling the behaviour of these cells and predicting how they will respond to changes in the environment and to drugs in particular, now requires the use of computational tools.

This new field of “Systems Medicine”, as many predict, will enable us to use digital simulations to select the best treatment for individual patients, and be essential to personalised medicine.

This requires cooperation of scientists from different backgrounds, who develop and integrate various technologies and approaches. Our goal is to integrate all what is known about specific cells, to design models that predict the cell’s behaviour in software, and to support doctors in the hospital to offer tailor-made therapy to patients.

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